The bathroom is composed of many things. It must have a sink, a shower head or a bathtub and lastly, the toilet. Installing the new unit is not that different from taking out the old one. The person should make start by putting the two ΒΌ bolts that were taken out earlier back into the sides of the flange which is usually straight up and across from each other.
Once this is complete, some wax and tape should be placed here to prevent any leaks. The individual should then set the new bowl exactly where the two bolts are to lock it in place. One way to test if this is secured is by sitting on the toilet and checking how it feels. If this fits nicely, the only thing to do now is tighten the bolts.
When everything is ready, it is time to turn on the valve so water will flow into the tank. It should stop when the ball has reached a certain point meaning that it is full for our services.